Solar Irrigation Pump

Solar Water pumping system is a pumping system that uses Solar Energy that produces DC power to run pump sets used to draw water from various sources. There is a different set of pumps specifically designed to draw water from different sources such as open wells, ponds, bore wells etc. These systems are highly useful areas where there is no proper connection to the power grid like remote villages and river beds. This is basically a standalone system which consists of a Photo Voltaic Module, pumps, VFD and mounting structure.

Submersible Pump System
Submersible pump system is a pump system designed to draw water from depths upto 650 ft. These are highly rugged and durable systems. Given that they operate on DC power the wear and tear on the pump sets is also minimal.

Surface Pump System
These pump systems are installed in places where the water source is shallow, such as ponds, wells and storage tanks. These pumping systems are also useful to provide pressurized water to villages and colonies. It can also be used to provide pressurized water for irrigation and homes

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